The Flying Ducks

The Flying Ducks is a project based on a study of British front living rooms. This is a collection of portraits of the various people I met who live around England.

There is something quite unique and quirky about the culture of living rooms – from the way it has been decorated to how the host presents the room itself, it also has a connotation where it is seen as a status symbol; a trophy cabinet or photographs of family and married of children and menagerie passed down from generations and collected kitsch, together with range of colour palettes are the primary representation of a living room.

When I was young, I realised that I had a peculiar interest and love for all things quintessentially English and British. This partially came from my mother who, when I was growing up, spoke often about wanting to live in an English cottage. She was always reading ‘Country Living’ (alongside other similar periodicals about the English home) – and pointed out to me, her favourite images of English decorated rooms and “English objects” she needed for the house.

Therefore, it was most obvious that there were frequent visits to ‘Laura Ashley’. There, I heard her express her excitement about the range of very English fabric designs (which she was specifically selecting for our front living room curtains), and the table lamp and English rose armchair, which would complete the “English front living room look”.

Yes, my mother was very proud of her English front living room. We even have a ‘fake’ fireplace which sits next to her glass cabinet displaying menagerie of all sorts. Her favourite item in the living room is her Waterford crystal vase.


The Gibsons
The Browns
The Barkers
The Hardcastles
The Grays
The Angles